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What to expect


Do We Ever Really Know?


So many therapists and spiritual practitioners would caution against having or relying upon expectations. They can take us off-track or interfere with us getting on-track. But having expectations is a natural response to getting a handle on the unknown—especially when it relates to your emotional health and wellbeing. When you work with me, you will likely encounter a basic philosophy of “moderation in all things”. Invariably, this includes expectations. Come in prepared to be where you are in that given moment. Watch what happens next.


We might choose to explore those expectations to determine to what extent they have or have not been beneficial to your sense of contentment and fulfillment. In therapy, the biggest factor in your healing will be your readiness to tackle gnarly personal issues that keep cropping up in your life. Sometimes understanding your expectations can be a good springboard toward that end.


You will know if you are making progress. The interactions that may have previously triggered you may still do that. However, the awareness you gain via therapy will provide you with insight about what is happening in the in-the-moment.  You may discover yourself thinking about situations differently than you did before therapy and adjusting your behavior, attitudes or beliefs, accordingly.


So expect anything…and nothing.

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