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Inspired alliances with one goal in mind: To heal what hurts


I've lived an eclectic life, with peaks and valleys, strengths and challenges...they allow me to be empathetic to the process of transformation people and organizations make. With a career spanning corporate advertising sales and training and development to higher education administration, my story and worldview inspires, educates and heals others. Undergirded by a 30-year karma yoga and meditation practice, I am a compassionate conduit for change, building  alliances at the intersections of mind, body & spirit.

Psychotherapy: Individuals, Couples, & Groups


When you are seeking assistance to work through a long-standing issue that blocks you from living as full a life as you desire or, you are in the midst of a major life transition (e.g., death, divorce, marriage, birth, relocation), therapy can help.


I provide support and guidance in a secure space to allow individuals and couples to do deep emotionally healing work. Groups offer additional benefits of economy and immediacy of feedback.





Diversity Consulting



We live in a complex multicultural world. Yet sometimes organizational policies, structures and culture do not reflect the full scope of the diversity of our employees or our customers.


As a consultant, I can speak to all levels of your organization, listen to all points-of-view and then analyze, synthesize the data and present you with options, ideas and/or solutions that position your organization to be a beacon for social change in your industry. 



Teaching, Training & Facilitation



As a multicultural educator, my passion is to increase cultural awareness, cultural competence and inter-cultural dialogue. This means exploring the ways in which the intersections of race, ethnicity, class, age, ability and sexual orientation impact everyone, but especially traditionally marginalized groups and clinicians working with a diverse clientele.  


Through workshops, trainings and presentations, we will delve into what keeps us apart--and what brings us together.

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