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To improve the overall competence and capability of your human resources, devote concentrated time and energy toward the topics in these workshop, training and teaching options. Most can be tailored to suit your time and budget--simply contact me to schedule a consultation that will meet your needs.


The Self-Identity and Building Cultural Competence workshops are detailed below, while the Skills and Life Transitions are self-explanatory.



Workshops, Trainings & Teaching



  • Maskmaking: What's Behind the Mask?  Incorporates art, craft, literature and personal narrative to explore self-identity. Participants leave with their personally decorated mask, which serves as a reminder of the parts of themselves that are visible and invisible to self and others.

    • Who? Currently offered only in either all-men's or all-women's groups: Adolescents ages 13-18, Adults 18+. 


Building Cultural Competence

  • Getting to Know the Black Woman's Psyche: Of course, there is no ubiquitous way of considering and/or working with Black women. We are as individual and unique as life itself. Rather than a prescriptive for "how to work with Black women", here we offer a unique opportunity for participants to explore their own awareness of and experience with Black women. This workshop will raise your consciousness about your personal areas of strength and/or weakness in relation to Black women and; improve your clinical acumen, confidence and competence when working with women from the African diaspora.

    • Who? Mental health clinicians and students: Ages 18+ 


  • Code Shifting: Would you say you or the people in your organization or group are culturally fluid or culturally inflexible? Participants will explore the ways in which sub-cultures: are understood inter-culturally and intra-culturally; convey such social constructs as rules, expectations, etiquette, acceptance or rejection. You will gain a greater awareness of unconscious attitudes, behaviors and practices that may be interfering with your ability to sustain productive personal and professional relationships.

    • Who? Adults 18+


  • Models to Live By: Understanding Social Justice Precepts: Bias, discrimination, prejudice and privilege have predictable patterns. Are you aware of what those patterns are and how they operate? If you'd like to build your conscious awareness of how diversity and social justice intersect, this workshop will give you a fundamental framework.

    • Who? Adolescents ages 13-18, Adults 18+. 


Building Skills                                                               DBT Skills

  • Parenting                                                                       Mindfulness                      

  • Managing Stress                                                           Distress Tolerance

  • Managing the College Years                                       Inter-personal Effectiveness        

  • Conscious Communication                                        Emotion Regulation


Life Transitions

Coming Together

  • Adolescent & Young Adult Sex & Dating 

  • Marriage                                                                                 

  • Becoming a Family

    • ​New Baby

    • Blended Family

Letting Go

  • Individuation: Launching a Young Adult

  • Conscious Separation & Divorce

  • Death, Dying & Grief

  • Living with Chronic Illness


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