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Therapy groups are a dynamic and economical way to find support and get immediate feedback about how you really show up in the world. Some are on-going while others are designed to run for a set number of weeks.  Groups require an initial consultation prior to joining and will commence when there's sufficient registration to get started.

Summer 2019

 Fridays 6:30-8:00pm 'm




Living, dating or loving across cultures and want support?


Consider a new way to start your date night by joining with others who understand... 


This group is a place to talk authentically about your experience of being in an inter-racial or bi-cultural relationship with others who can relate. The group determines what gets discussed but common issues may be: confusion, anger/resentment, communication, family and cultural values & customs, handling bias, prejudice or social exclusion.


Communication. Social Exclusion, Culture. Customs. Relationships. Career. Religion, Race, Class, Ability, Sexual Orientation...

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