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Psychotherapy is an invaluable tool to help you get in touch with what's not working in your life. You take dedicated time just for you, your relationship or your family. If you want a "therapeutic booster shot", also consider group therapy, where you have the benefit of seeing your interactions with others reflected in real time. 



You just know that the way you're feeling isn't okay but you can't put your finger on exactly what's wrong; you're viewing the world through a filtered lens. Maybe you continually find yourself in situations or relationships that compromise your sense of integrity, values or beliefs. Maybe something traumatic happened to you and it's taking longer than you want to feel good again.


I work with individual's working through relationship challenges, anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, mood swings, anger management, cultural dissonance, life transitions--marriage, divorce, parenting, new baby, relocation, career changes, grief, loss, death.



Couples therapy is not about working with two people in relationship. Actually, it is about the third entity--the relationship itself. Relationships require tending. While some of us have the necessary tools to sustain a committed relationship, many of us need to learn how to nurture the one we love.


In couples therapy, we pay attention to what gets in the way of love. So much hinges upon how we learned to communicate, how we deal with conflict or how we fight. Managing money and in-laws, raising children, balancing independence with inter-dependence, learning to craft a life together in acceptance of inevitable bumps in the road--this is the grist of couples therapy. 



 A problem for one family member has ripple affects for everyone in the family. In family therapy, we shine a spotlight on the systems that the family has devised to live together. As in group therapy, where an individual's personal dynamics are played out in real time, real life settings, family therapy provides an undeniable stage to highlight interactions among family members, including alliances, fissures, and secrets. Like couples therapy, family therapy is about the entity of the whole family. The therapist explores with the family the role each family member plays to achieve the very specific alchemy, including the set of rules and regulations that are particular to each family.


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